2016 Annual report

Senior Management

President and Vice-Presidents

Stéphane Rochon

Stéphane Rochon, MBA, ASC, Adm.A.

President and Chief Executive Officer

Luc Bergeron

Luc Bergeron, FCIA, FSA

Vice-President | Actuarial and Risk Management

Tony Di Stavolo

Tony Di Stavolo, FLMI, FALU, ACS

Vice-President | Insurance Operations

Eric Levac

Éric Levac, B. Sc., MBA, PMP

Vice-President | Digital Technology and Strategies

Kim Oliphant

Kim Oliphant, B.A.A.

Vice-President | Sales and Marketing

Marc Peliel

Marc Peliel, CPA, CMA

Vice-President | Finance


Nicole Beaulieu

Director of Operations | Sales and Marketing

Lynda Brunet, B. Sc. Management, FLMI

Director | Operations, Group Insurance

Jocelyne Desloges, CPA, CA, MBA, FLMI, ACS, AIAA, ARA

Assistant Vice-President | Finance

Jean-Patrice Dozois, B.A., LL. B.

Chief Compliance Officer

Alina Dudau, A.S.A.

Director | Actuarial Services

Sylvie Fontaine, CPA, CMA, FLMI/M, ACS

Management Accounting

Daniel F. Gravel, CHS

Assistant Vice-President | Sales and Marketing

Danielle Lacombe, B.A.A., CRHA

Director | Human Resources

Valérie Le Roux, ACS

Director | Administration, Individual Insurance

Alain Lussier, B. Sc.

Director | Auxiliary Services

Kim Rochette

Director, Customer Experience | Insurance Operationss

Nathalia Wosik, B. Sc.

Director | Claims Services

Sales Team

Individual Insurance

Jason Broadfoot, B.A.

Regional Sales Manager, British Columbia

Amélie Jodoin

Sales Manager, Quebec

Élisabeth Landry, B.A.A.

Sales Manager, Quebec

Roberta Lust, B. Mgmt, CHS

Regional Sales Manager, Alberta

Michael J. Suska, B. Sc., CFP, CHS

National Sales Director, Outside Quebec

Charles Tremblay, B. Sc.

Sales Manager, Quebec

Group Insurance

Philippe Berbari, B. Sc. Act.

Sales Representative, Quebec

Mélina Gauthier, C.A.A.S.

Sales Representative, Quebec

Brian M. Paivo

Sales Representative, Ontario