2016 Annual report

Changes in the Company

A history of innovations

A gateway to the future



HuGO has transformed the traditional underwriting process. What once used to take several weeks can now be accomplished in a matter of minutes. With HuGO, the insured can purchase coverage of up to $1 million without being automatically required to provide a test or medical exam.

To develop this impressive online platform, the company leveraged modern technology to use artificial intelligence to customize questionnaires for each client according to their risk profile. The system makes automated decisions based on underwriting criteria. This makes for a less restrictive, simpler and more streamlined client experience. For the large majority of applications submitted, decisions are now made in under fifteen minutes.

This new automated process offers greater flexibility by allowing us to regularly update and optimize our processes while offering an outstanding client experience.

Stéphane Rochon

President and Chief Executive Officer

Our Past Achievements



  • A specific product to protect children with critical illnesses;
  • Addition of specific conditions (Autism, Multiple Sclerosis, Cystic Fibrosis, etc.);
  • Option: Compassionate leave benefit.



  • Full insurance coverage (life, critical illness and disability insurance) for people who are difficult to ensure due to major health issues;
  • First web-based product with immediate issuance.



  • Disability insurance to cover all debt payment under a single contract in the event of a disability;
  • Coverage tied to the insured and not the loan: “Change lenders without changing insurance”;
  • Personalized insurance that is more affordable than traditional banking products.



  • Disability insurance that offers top-quality products at an affordable rate, targeting the middle class;
  • Broadened definition of disability and partial disability;
  • Optional premium refund in 15 years or at age 65.



  • Critical illness insurance offering greater flexibility to clients;
  • Premium guaranteed to age 100, with the option of limited payment (20 years);
  • First product on the market that is payable upon critical illness or death, whichever is first;
  • Expansion of what was still a fledgling market by investing in training and educating the distribution network.