Social Responsability

Humania Assurance is Proud to be an Active Member of SOCODEVI.

The Société de coopération pour le développement international (SOCODEVI) is a Canadian network of cooperatives and mutuals that share their technical expertise and know-how with their partners in developing countries. The goal: to create, protect and distribute wealth among the poorest populations.

SOCODEVI’s mission is to improve living conditions for the poorest populations particularly in Africa, Latin America and Asia. For example, thanks to SOCODEVI’s support in Bolivia, over 2,000 families growing oregano increased their revenue by 200%. In Vietnam, 1,500 families are now members of a dairy cooperative (founded just a few years ago) that produces 30,000 kilos of milk on a daily basis. In the Ivory Coast, over 10,000 women are developing economic activities with backing from a savings and credit mutual funded by SOCODEVI.

There are many examples attesting to the positive impact that SOCODEVI’s initiatives are making around the world. In the Americas, for example, a program supporting mutuals and insurance cooperatives has helped enhance the professional product offering and facilitated access to insurance services, benefiting over three million people. In Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Panama, Paraguay and the Dominican Republic, organizations backed by SOCODEVI have improved indicators of economic viability and wealth.

In Peru, a support program primarily aimed at the coffee and cocoa sectors is underway. The goal is to strengthen the performance of cooperatives and improve service quality for members. Humania Assurance has helped optimize these services, particularly through the installation of improved wood stoves, which have a direct effect on family health.

In addition to the financial contributions provided by Humania Assurance, Richard Gagnon, President and Chief Executive Officer, is involved as a member of SOCODEVI’s Board of Directors.

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