Social Responsibility

SOCODEVI, société de coopération pour le développement international
30 years of intercooperation for a better world

SOCODEVI is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year by highlighting the engagement of its network of cooperatives and mutual towards achieving its mission.

The results of the work accomplished by SOCODEVI since 1985 in 41 countries are a veritable source of pride for the great family of cooperatives and mutual to which Humania Assurance belongs. Thanks to the support provided by SOCODEVI and their own determination, hundreds of communities have been able to take their into their own hands.

Since 1985:

  • 500 projects completed on 4 continents;
  • 700 organizations and enterprises assisted;
  • Outreach of more than 12 million individuals for these activities.

As a member of SOCODEVI, Humania Assurance is dedicated to contributing to the emergence of cooperatives and mutual insurance companies in developing countries.

The company has helped fund three international cooperation projects, directly benefiting 2,600 individuals.

The first, in Senegal, supported the Union nationale des femmes coopératrices and aimed to improve the working conditions of these women by purchasing tools and furniture. The second, in Peru, involved building solar dryers to produce better quality coffee, thus generating substantially more income for families. The third initiative, also in Peru, is still underway and involves constructing a centre for building improved stoves, to help reduce health problems associated with using woodstoves among cocoa-producing families.

Beyond the financial assistance provided by Humania Assurance, its President and Chief Executive Officer, Richard Gagnon, joined in the efforts by becoming a member of SOCODEVI's Board of Directors.

For more information on SOCODEVI, please visit their website.